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In SKI365, we are crazy about winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and ski touring. We would like to ignite this passion in your geographical latitudes despite the increasingly warmer times. That’s why we have developed a surface on which you can ski 365 days a year. We wish for people to do what they enjoy, improve themselves, and fully develop their potential. For winter sports enthusiasts, we make their hobby accessible year-round in locations closer to home. Through education and culture at our sports venues, we enhance safety in every sports center our clients visit after coming to us. We draw from the expertise of physics, biomedicine, and psychology. Our lessons are fun and full of feedback (both verbal and visual). The exercises are simple and comparatively more affordable than alternatives. All our instructors go through strict selection and training.

Our solutions bring joy but also reduce costs and increase income. They are safe and bring smiles to both young and old, regardless of the weather or season. We are proud not only of developing excellent machinery but also of offering a comprehensive system that includes instructor training, coach and instructor support. We collaborate with national team coaches, ski schools, and champions in their fields.

5 SKI365 Brand Visions:

  1. A simulator in every school.
  2. Year-round training centers in every city.
  3. Year-round children’s ski schools.
  4. Preserving the tradition of cross-country skiing races thanks to SKI365 surfaces.
  5. Enhanced safety and comfort for visitors at ski resorts.

With us, you can serve a wide customer base you may not have realized you could have. Additionally, we assist you with cross-selling new services to your existing clients.

Step into the future of winter sports with SKI365.

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About NanoTrade

NanoTrade s.r.o. is one of the oldest nanotechnology companies in the Czech Republic and a co-founder of the Czech nanotechnology cluster. The company focuses on developing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of sports equipment. Our latest product, SKI365, offers an unbeatable solution for operators of winter sports facilities facing a lack of snow and unpredictable weather conditions. NanoTrade s.r.o. specializes in nanotechnology and has been developing products since 2004. The company’s goal is to provide high-quality and reliable technologies that are environmentally friendly, invest in community development and education. SKI365 is our  newest product, offering a solution for operators of winter sports facilities, race organizers, professional winter sports clubs, and sports enthusiasts, including children.

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