Various skiing techniques require various approaches to manufacture, enhancement and setup of the surfaces based on many variables. Our know-how is based on technical calculations as well as experiments in the field. SKI 365 is not only state of art technology – it is an absolute top you can get.

  • All-year-round downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing
  • Optimal sliding properties
  • Regardless of the weather
  • 365 days a year


The SKI365 surfaces were designed to make an artificial slope or cross-country track. Soon we realized that a great use is on bridges, low stations of the ski lifts and gondolas to save the tramendous amount of work on constant shoveling the snow. You can create or build parts of slope in problematic places.

You can create a track in surprising places, for example for an event in the cirty center or summer track in city park, or even in your garden. You can create a track around the shop for the customers to test the skis before purchase. The surface can be used to build a short-term slope or track for exhibition and much more.



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