The snow is the most perfect surface/material for skiing, despite the years of trials and experiments around the globe to substitute it with an artificial material, we can only get that close. Its sensitivity to temperature changes is its natural limitation. Our SKI365 material is closing up on snow, it can provide quite good substitution for skiing simulation indoors as well as outdoors and therefore to helps to bring skiing to people everywhere. It is important especially in the changing global climate as well as a tool to bring skiing to places where it was never before.

Our training machines are extremely safe and effective. Our goal is to complex methodical approach for the machine build as well as for the training itself. All-year-round use makes the investment return shorter and allows very variable use. Customer groups are absolute beginners, hobby group, professionals & trainers.

The safety is our primary goal. Not only the machines safety mechanisms but also a correct learning process and incorporation the new sport movements that are transferred into habits. Correct behavior leads into higher safety on the slopes also. Proved methodology supports the idea of a healthy and safe experience and a feeling of security in the training as well as on the real track or slope. Presence of the trainer or an instructor leads into an immediate realization of mistakes and correct approach of creation of the new habits. You will not achieve steeper learning curve than with this method of real time feedback.


Main advantages of the simulators:

  • safety for sportsmen and sportswoman, safety for the instructors
  • training and improvement for absolute beginners, hobby riders, professionals and trainers.
  • maximum effectivity and intensity
  • real time feedback
  • photo and video recording easily possible for analysis
  • measurable progress on every level with many means (bionic, video, condition etc.)
  • individual as well as group lessons
  • unlimited use independent on the weather
  • very low investment requirements
  • short installation times

Unique business with short RoI





Any sport center with available showers, locker rooms and reception is a perfect match. An existing traffic and infrastructure supports the flow of people into the new activity.



Extension of winter season is possible thanks to the simulators or even an untraditional activity for summer season will attract the attention. Take it as an extension of your activities or benefit from low requirements on space to create a new activity for your visitors to come.



Training centers, movement analyzing laboratories, profi centers, rehabilitation centers, universities and many more are highly interested in the machines and technology.



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