SKI365 Kicks Off LIFE 2023 Festival in Brno with a Bang

The last weekend of November marked the debut of the first SKI365 Arena within the Life festival in Brno. Collaborating with the Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, we orchestrated three days filled with winter sports activities on over 4,000 square meters of Pavilion F. In our preparations, we took into account the wishes of organizers and exhibitors, incorporating our insights from operating the SKI365 sports facility in Ostrava, along with experiences from past events and international trade shows. We designed a surface called Night Freeze in a mesmerizing blue hue, which beautifully reflected light, creating a frosty impression.

The trade fair drew a total of 25,000 attendees, with an estimated 12-15,000 individuals visiting Pavilion F. Among them, over 1,700 actively engaged in the prepared activities and programs.

In total, we laid over 550 square meters of the SKI365 slippery surface, establishing tracks for cross-country skiing, ski touring, skiing, snowboarding, a biathlon shooting range, and other supporting areas.

  • Downhill track: 4 meters wide and 38 meters long, totaling 152 square meters. Elevation of 3 meters.
  • Track: Approximately 200 meters long, varying in width from 0.8 to 2.4 meters, totaling over 380 square meters.
  • Cross-country skiing and ski touring training machine
  • biathlon training laser shooting range
  • 50 pairs of skis
  • 10 snowboards
  • 200 different pairs of boots
  • 30 pairs of ski touring skis with skins
  • 40 pairs of cross-country skis
  • Over 100 pole tip protectors for half the number of poles


Over 1,700 individuals experienced various types of skiing and accompanying programs directly within the SKI365 arena. The Arena’s attendance ranged between 12,000 and 15,000 individuals, representing active participation from 11-14% of visitors (approximately every 8th visitor actively engaged in something within the SKI365 arena).

2,000 SHOTS

The laser biathlon shooting range was constantly crowded with shooting enthusiasts. The “biathlon shooting” workshop proved to be one of the most popular attractions. Approximately 210 individuals took turns on 5 targets at a distance of 10 meters.


A total of 34 workshops were conducted, covering a wide range of topics, and participation surged over the three days. Attendees highly valued the newly gained knowledge. In some cases, they expressed surprise at learning things they hadn’t considered before. Did you know that even ordinary tourists, not just ski mountaineers or freeriders, can be endangered by an avalanche?


During the 3-day Life 2023 festival, 26 speakers took the stage in 32 sessions within the SKI365 Arena, delivering 18 hours of quality programming. You can look forward to this content as a podcast and YouTube video in early 2024.


We made every effort to ensure that all conditions supported trained instructors and temporary staff in preventing any injuries. We continue to take pride in providing safe surfaces and events for everyone, from children to seniors. This state of affairs isn’t a given, and the outcome isn’t accidental.


Over the three days of the trade fair, athletes “circled” a distance of over 850 kilometers on a 200-meter-long track, equivalent to a journey from the Exhibition Center to the famous resort in Saint Moritz, Switzerland. The track was set up for classic cross-country skiing, as well as skating on flat and uphill sections. The 15-meter descent also became a highly popular attraction.


A ramp was part of the track, allowing ascent from one side and descent from the other. The three-meter elevation might not seem significant, but it served as a teaching tool for first-time skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, and ski tourers. Over nearly 4,500 laps, both children and adults ascended and descended a total elevation of 13,200 meters, equivalent to three ascents and descents of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc.


SKI365 and BVV created a unique urban experience at the Life festival. This event proudly boasts several firsts:

  1. Temporary indoor arena for winter sports
  2. Indoor biathlon track for public use
  3. Indoor ski touring race on artificial surface

Inside the hall, an arena with over 550 square meters of artificial surface, developed and made in the Czech Republic, was erected.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all visitors for their courage and energy, which they shared with us through their participation, smiles, and joy. We greatly appreciate the trust of BVV management and collaboration with the festival’s project manager, Mrs. Renáta Černošková. We are pleased with the excellent collaboration with our sister brand, nanosilver. Thank you

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