Skiing surfaces on nano tech in Japan

nano tech 2024 in Tokio, Japan

NanoTrade garnered substantial interest in technologically advanced Japan.

Ahead of entering the Japanese market, we anticipated a reserved reception. However, our preparations were rewarded with something extraordinary.

Very popular trade show in south-east Asia

At the nanotech Japan 2024 trade fair and conference, marking the return to full attendance post-COVID, we witnessed a remarkable turnout of 42,034 visitors over three days. Our presence at the European-Japanese booth gained significant attention.

Our exhibition showcased high-tech products that generated substantial interest, especially from B2B entities. Benefitting from years of showcasing in domestic and European markets, we presented the best of what we offer to the Japanese audience, from practical products like subtly featured socks to ties that repel dirt and snow woven into carpets.

Applied R&D

Throughout the three days, we engaged with companies from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea, who expressed interest in our applied products and solutions to their development and manufacturing challenges.

Establishing valuable contacts, we now plan to cultivate these relationships. The realization that our standard products and bestsellers appeal to the Japanese market, coupled with the recognition of our 20 years of experience, motivates us for future efforts.

Let’s do more of what we do

Returning with pride, having successfully showcased ourselves among elite European nanotechnology firms and the Czech Nano Association on the opposite side of the globe, we now enter the second phase. This involves building on discussions and interest generated, simultaneously addressing technological challenges of Czech and European companies, developing new nanosilver products, and expanding our skiing brand, ski365, to additional cities.


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