Future Of Artificial Snow Are SKI365 Snow Surfaces

artificial snow in SKI365 carpets layed down on the ski slope

artificial snow in SKI365 carpets layed down on the ski slope

Press Release, Czechia, August 7, 2023 – NanoTrade s.r.o., one of the oldest nanotechnology companies in the Czech Republic and a co-founder of the Czech Nanotechnology Cluster, introduces a revolutionary technology in the field of winter sports under the brand name SKI365. This innovative technology is designed to address the issue of snow scarcity due to warming temperatures. SKI365 offers innovative surfaces and trainers for the needs of skiers, snowboarders, ski mountaineers, and cross-country skiers. This unique technology has gained the trust of customers worldwide and has received numerous positive reviews from professionals and trainers. NanoTrade currently offers standardized machines, as well as custom solutions.

The Issue: Snow Scarcity

artificial snow production water consumption
artificial snow production water consumption

Winter sports areas lack snow, and artificial snow production is costly and environmentally unfriendly. SKI365 products allow sports enthusiasts to enjoy winter sports not only during the winter months but throughout the entire year. Area operators no longer need to worry about their investments.

“We are proud to introduce the SKI365 technology, which emphasizes quality and reliability while also focusing on sustainability and collaboration with cities and regions,” stated Ing. Václav Torčík, Manager of Strategic Development for SKI365. “Our company is built on values of safety, investment in education, and community development, and we believe our technology propels winter sports into the future. We weave snow into carpets, creating a gliding surface with similar properties to snow.”

ski resort critical problematic areas and SKI365 dry snow solutions
ski resort critical problematic areas and SKI365 dry snow solutions

The Solution: SKI365 Technology

  1. Safety and Reliability: SKI365 prioritizes the safety and reliability of its trainers, allowing athletes to train with confidence and without concerns.
  2. Swift Return on Investment: The brand’s pricing policy makes the technology accessible. SKI365 brand products have a wide range of applications.
  3. Inevitable Future: Artificial skiing tracks will soon become a necessity. They currently offer advantages for professional athletes and children’s education. However, they will soon become common for stable sports facility operations.
  4. Cutting-edge Materials: Imitating snow is possible through unique material property changes using nanotechnology. The combination of macroscopic properties and nano adjustments reduces friction between the glide surface and the special carpet. We say we weave snow into carpets.
  5. Development Through Collaboration: NanoTrade s.r.o.. collaborates with universities and experts, enabling continuous development and improvement of SKI365 technology. Technology development is supported by scientific research projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  6. Sustainability and Ecological Solutions: SKI365 technology offers an eco-friendly alternative to snow production or transportation, minimizing negative environmental impact and promoting a sustainable approach to winter sports.
  7. Regional Impact: SKI365 aims to collaborate with cities and other entities interested in investing in the region and local development. We offer trainers for sale as well as rental for one-time events or school instruction.
  8. Informal Character: The SKI365 brand focuses on quality while maintaining an informal and friendly character, creating a great atmosphere for clients.

Hundreds of Percent Increase in Interest By mid-year, we have experienced a more than 320% increase in the number of clients. Children leave with broad smiles, asking their parents if they can come back. We take pride in creating smiles and are pleased that children apply what they learn from us to the snow. The demand from the Czech Republic and abroad has increased by dozens year-over-year. “Essentially, every two weeks, we create a new visualization for clients,” says Ladislav Torčík, the company’s director, with a smile.

About NanoTrade s.r.o.

NanoTrade focuses on developing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of sports equipment. Their latest product, SKI365, offers an unparalleled solution for winter sports area operators grappling with snow scarcity and unpredictable climatic conditions. NanoTrade s.r.o. specializes in nanotechnology and has been developing snow-like surfaces and machines since 2015. The company aims to provide high-quality and reliable technologies that are environmentally friendly, invest in community development and education. SKI365 is their latest product, offering solutions for winter sports area operators, race organizers, professional winter sports clubs, and enthusiasts, including children.

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