Nanosilver Termoden 2019 in Beskydy

Also this year we invite you to the Ski resort Bílá in Beskydy for nanosilver termoden. Visit the nanosilver and SKI365 booth under the northern slopes of the ski area on the last weekend of January and allow us to measure you with the thermal imager . You may be surprised at how suitably you are dressed. Nanosilver experts will be happy to discuss with you how to dress properly in winter, what layers are suitable for skiing, how to protect yourself from chilling. This year it is the 4th year of a popular event on the ski slopes. To ensure that the measurements are carried out with the necessary parameters, we have ensured cold weather already.

Next, get acquainted with the latest nanosilver news, test skis from Sporten. And if you are on the cable car, you will be riding on our special SKI365 surface.

During Saturday and Sunday, popular prize competitions are prepared twice a day. Come to ski, meet the news and compete with us 🙂

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