The first installation of indoor technology all year skiing in Europe!

We have joined forces with well-known sports chain Decathlon, the first in Europe to use our technology SKI365!

Cross-country skiing has been experiencing an unprecedented boom in recent years. Thanks to the combination of physical activity with views of the snowy landscape, we are not surprised. With the onset of this trend, manufacturers have begun to flood the market with different types of cross-country skis and sometimes it is a big challenge to choose the right ones.

the first SKi365 cross-country ski trail

Thanks to our SKI365 technology, you can now test new types of skis on a special surface that visually and sensationally approaches snow conditions. Sliding surfaces make it possible to create an artificial ski slope or cross-country ski run and replace the lack of snow. The special surface is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. On the surface is achieved sufficient cross-country skis slip, so you can create any route according to your imagination and operate it all year round.

the first SKI365 test track for the public

The SKI365 surface test helps you select tailored skis. This surface is available in stores Decathlon Ostrava, Brno Modřice, Prague Černý Most and Liberec.

The SKI365’s surface is not affected by rain. You can try it now in Ostrava and other Decathlon stores.

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