SKI365 Proves Beneficial for Training the Czech Ski Cross Team

ski slope in Polevsko

ski slope in Polevsko

In the pursuit of year-round training and enhanced performance, the Czech Ski Cross Team has embraced the groundbreaking SKI365 artificial surface. This innovative technology allows them to train during the summer months, eliminating the need for natural snow and icy slopes. By leveraging this game-changing solution, the team aims to gain a competitive edge and usher in a new era of year-round skiing. Join us as we explore how SKI365 is reshaping the Czech Ski Cross Team’s summer preparations.

The SKI365 Advantage: Training at Polevsko Ski Resort

At the picturesque Polevsko Ski resort, the Czech Ski Cross Team, along with numerous aspiring athletes, embarks on an intense summer training period. Unlike traditional methods, their training sessions take full advantage of the state-of-the-art SKI365 artificial surface, enabling year-round training. With the absence of glaciers, this innovative approach provides a familiar setting for honing their skills and achieving peak performance.

snow in summer and outside of the hills
SKI365 – artificial surface for year-round skiing

The Specially Designed Sliding Carpet: Unleashing Summer Training Potential

To facilitate their year-round training, the Czech Ski Cross Team has been provided with a specially designed sliding carpet by SKI365. This unique variant simulates authentic skiing conditions, offering an optimal training experience without relying on natural snow or icy slopes. With this cutting-edge technology, the team can consistently refine their techniques and maintain their competitive edge, setting them apart from their rivals.

Pioneering Surface Development: Testing and Innovating

SKI365 is not just limited to artificial surfaces for ski slopes. They are also dedicated to developing surfaces for cross-country trails, ski trainers, and cross-country trainers. By continuously testing and advancing their materials, SKI365 aims to revolutionize training possibilities for athletes in various disciplines. This commitment to innovation ensures that athletes can train anytime and anywhere, irrespective of traditional snow-dependent training limitations.

Summer training with SKI365 ski slope in Polevsko

Embracing a New Training Era: Year-round Skiing Opportunities

The adoption of the SKI365 artificial surface by the Czech Ski Cross Team signifies a paradigm shift in skiing training methodologies. By embracing year-round training, the team gains a substantial advantage, enabling them to continuously fine-tune their skills and maintain peak performance levels. As athletes and teams worldwide recognize the benefits of such innovative surfaces, the boundaries of traditional preparations are pushed, ushering in new realms of athletic excellence.

As the Czech Ski Cross Team commences their summer camp at Polevsko Ski resort, they lead the charge in revolutionizing skiing training techniques. SKI365’s cutting-edge technology empowers them to break free from the limitations of traditional snow-dependent training, unlocking the potential for year-round skiing. With SKI365 paving the way for innovation, the Czech Ski Cross Team is poised to make remarkable strides in their performance and inspire athletes worldwide to embrace the limitless possibilities of year-round training.

The hopes of czech Ski Cross Team together with many others train this July in Polevsko Ski resort. On the SKI365 artificial surface! To make it possible in summer we lent them a special sliding carpet in a variant for year-round skiing. At home conditions and without glacier. At the same time we are testing the attributes of the material of further surface development.

In addition to artificial surfaces for ski slopes, we also develop surfaces for cross-country trails as well as ski and cross-country trainers. So you can ski anytime and anywhere.

We present some pictures from their training session in Polevsko.

They train also during summer now in Polevsko If you are interested in SKI365 surfaces for year-round skiing, don’t hesitate to contact us via form on our website.


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